Little Things

September 14, 2011

Quite often, big things are scary things.  Bills are big things.  Health things are big things.  Family is a big thing.

Keeping them guarded and aligned is completely understandable and expected.  However, don’t look past the little things.

It’s easy to; them big things get awfully HUGE when given the opportunity.  They demand a bunch of attention, require tons of thought and usually need constant care.

Take a second and appreciate a little thing in your world.  Doesn’t matter how little and what it actually is, just stop and admire it for a second.  Better yet, find 2 (yes, TWO!) little things to enjoy today.  Take a second, and enjoy both of them. 

Taking the time to stop and enjoy them will do 2 things; a) get your mind of those HUGE things for one minute, and b) will allow your head time to catch up and you’ll appreciate more little things at the same time.

You’ll quickly discover that there are MANY little things to stop and enjoy.  We are just so damn focused on the big ones that quite often the little ones fall by the wayside.  Don’t let that happen today.



End of Summer Blues

September 12, 2011

Yep, we all get them….those blues when the sky gets darker earlier….evenings have a bit of chill to them and trees start to change their color.

Well, as we move into fall, let’s try to embrace the change. Cooler nights means less energy consumption (for now). Instead of focusing on shorter days, you can find fun night-time activities to attend/participate in.

Sure, it’s easy to miss summer and all that it brings, but don’t overlook it’s beautiful sister fall. She has alot to offer as well.

Thanks 🙂


The High Cost of Low Prices

July 6, 2011

*quick note before we start….see the movie with the same title as this blog….very informative…..about Walmart and how they’ve killed small business’ across America

We all want to save a dime or two; more people are cooking at home.  Buying goods at a discounted rate or in bulk to save money.

The difference between my one crutch, Diet Coke, and, say, diet RC Cola, may not be much to the untrained tongue.  But, for someone who consumes DC like I do, I would know instantaneously.  Sure, I could save X on switching from Diet Coke to RC Cola, but that’s one treat I give myself that I swore not to mess with. 

Alas, there are many things currently on the chopping block as far as what can be replaced/bought in bulk to save some money.  Make a list of these things.  Sit down, and go over the pro’s and con’s of buying bulk and/or buying a no-name brand to save a few dollars.  Look over that list.

The list will help you figure out if it’s worth it or not to go bulk/discount.  The problem is, we’re sacrificing something.  Make sure the monetary savings are worth the sacrifice in personal choice.

Stay cool.  Drink water.  Enjoy summer!




June 21, 2011

It’s officially here!!

Get outside!! It’s the Summer Equinox!  The longest day of the year!!

Get outside!  Go for a walk!  Ride a bike!  Do something outside!! 

Get that blood flowing!  You’ll feel better and your body will love it!!

Make it a great one!!



June 17, 2011

After you work in ANY industry for a decent amount of time, you begin to build relationships.  Whether it’s vendors, representatives, customer service personell or potential clients, you are making an impression all day long.

Add in some consistency and a dash of business and you have now developed some connections.  Connections are one of the best by-products of doing business; you are already processing orders/purchasing goods/accomplishing something with the other party, now you are also starting to build a rappaport with that person. 

Conversations evolve from just your standard small talk to all sorts of topics.

You have a vendor who you wish you could do more business with; you learn that he/she has a 15yr old daughter, who just got her permit and is looking for a beat up vehicle to drive.   The ironic part is that just yesterday a rep for one of your supply companies was shooting the breeze and flippantly commented that he has a 1998 VW Jetta that he can’t sell for $1000.

Well, it kinda seems like those two were made for each other, right?

So, you put connection A in contact with connection B and both parties are satisfied, and both have you to thank for making it happen.

And, YOU come out smelling like a rose in the end.

Isn’t that what we all seek after all?  Smelling like a rose in the end?

Make it a great day, and Happy Father’s Day to all the Dad’s out there including mine.



Value and how to asess it

June 13, 2011

We all are taught that nice things are cheap and good things cost more.  It’s primitive economics 101.

When pricing a commodity, regardless of what it is, keep in mind a few points;

a) not only how much money are you saving up front, but are you calculating in repair costs/upkeep?

b) if the worst case scenario were to occur one year from now, and you still had XPRODUCT, which was the cheapest, will you still want it after the stuff hits the fan?

c) have you factored in what you spend on the difference between the cheaper product Y versus the more expensive X as far as reliability, etc?


Do your due dilligence; shop around until you find the best deal.  Just don’t lose sight of the fact that there is a price to be paid for low-balling whatever product you’re searching for. 

Make it a great day!!




Nostradamus & the like

June 9, 2011

There’s a reason just about everyone knows the name Nostradamus.  And it’s not because it’s Nostradamus.

It’s because, somehow, this guy was able to predict the future with just a shred of accuracy. 

He’s not the first guy to go out on a limb to predict something was going to happen, and he certainly wasn’t the last, but he’s more accurate than most, and thus the recognition he receives can be justified.

The funny part is there are men and women out there that do his job all day long; granted, these people aren’t predicting earthquakes or storms or financial windfalls or civil unrest, but they’re predicting the future.  With some accuracy as well.

They’re called Actuaries.  Without going into too much detail, they crunch thousands upon thousands of numbers, and gather information.  From those numbers and that information they help insurance companies decide what competetive rates the companies charge.

Yes, sometimes insurance rates escalate.  Ask anyone affected by the tornadoes in Missouri if they give a darn about their increased homeowners insurance after watching their homes fly away.  Chances are they’re just happy they were covered.

Just keep in mind next time you feel like griping about your bill going up; chances are, a modern day nostradamus helped calculate your bill.

Make it a great day!