Nostradamus & the like

There’s a reason just about everyone knows the name Nostradamus.  And it’s not because it’s Nostradamus.

It’s because, somehow, this guy was able to predict the future with just a shred of accuracy. 

He’s not the first guy to go out on a limb to predict something was going to happen, and he certainly wasn’t the last, but he’s more accurate than most, and thus the recognition he receives can be justified.

The funny part is there are men and women out there that do his job all day long; granted, these people aren’t predicting earthquakes or storms or financial windfalls or civil unrest, but they’re predicting the future.  With some accuracy as well.

They’re called Actuaries.  Without going into too much detail, they crunch thousands upon thousands of numbers, and gather information.  From those numbers and that information they help insurance companies decide what competetive rates the companies charge.

Yes, sometimes insurance rates escalate.  Ask anyone affected by the tornadoes in Missouri if they give a darn about their increased homeowners insurance after watching their homes fly away.  Chances are they’re just happy they were covered.

Just keep in mind next time you feel like griping about your bill going up; chances are, a modern day nostradamus helped calculate your bill.

Make it a great day!



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