Value and how to asess it

We all are taught that nice things are cheap and good things cost more.  It’s primitive economics 101.

When pricing a commodity, regardless of what it is, keep in mind a few points;

a) not only how much money are you saving up front, but are you calculating in repair costs/upkeep?

b) if the worst case scenario were to occur one year from now, and you still had XPRODUCT, which was the cheapest, will you still want it after the stuff hits the fan?

c) have you factored in what you spend on the difference between the cheaper product Y versus the more expensive X as far as reliability, etc?


Do your due dilligence; shop around until you find the best deal.  Just don’t lose sight of the fact that there is a price to be paid for low-balling whatever product you’re searching for. 

Make it a great day!!





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