The High Cost of Low Prices

July 6, 2011

*quick note before we start….see the movie with the same title as this blog….very informative…..about Walmart and how they’ve killed small business’ across America

We all want to save a dime or two; more people are cooking at home.  Buying goods at a discounted rate or in bulk to save money.

The difference between my one crutch, Diet Coke, and, say, diet RC Cola, may not be much to the untrained tongue.  But, for someone who consumes DC like I do, I would know instantaneously.  Sure, I could save X on switching from Diet Coke to RC Cola, but that’s one treat I give myself that I swore not to mess with. 

Alas, there are many things currently on the chopping block as far as what can be replaced/bought in bulk to save some money.  Make a list of these things.  Sit down, and go over the pro’s and con’s of buying bulk and/or buying a no-name brand to save a few dollars.  Look over that list.

The list will help you figure out if it’s worth it or not to go bulk/discount.  The problem is, we’re sacrificing something.  Make sure the monetary savings are worth the sacrifice in personal choice.

Stay cool.  Drink water.  Enjoy summer!