Little Things

September 14, 2011

Quite often, big things are scary things.  Bills are big things.  Health things are big things.  Family is a big thing.

Keeping them guarded and aligned is completely understandable and expected.  However, don’t look past the little things.

It’s easy to; them big things get awfully HUGE when given the opportunity.  They demand a bunch of attention, require tons of thought and usually need constant care.

Take a second and appreciate a little thing in your world.  Doesn’t matter how little and what it actually is, just stop and admire it for a second.  Better yet, find 2 (yes, TWO!) little things to enjoy today.  Take a second, and enjoy both of them. 

Taking the time to stop and enjoy them will do 2 things; a) get your mind of those HUGE things for one minute, and b) will allow your head time to catch up and you’ll appreciate more little things at the same time.

You’ll quickly discover that there are MANY little things to stop and enjoy.  We are just so damn focused on the big ones that quite often the little ones fall by the wayside.  Don’t let that happen today.




End of Summer Blues

September 12, 2011

Yep, we all get them….those blues when the sky gets darker earlier….evenings have a bit of chill to them and trees start to change their color.

Well, as we move into fall, let’s try to embrace the change. Cooler nights means less energy consumption (for now). Instead of focusing on shorter days, you can find fun night-time activities to attend/participate in.

Sure, it’s easy to miss summer and all that it brings, but don’t overlook it’s beautiful sister fall. She has alot to offer as well.

Thanks 🙂