June 8, 2011

Monday through Friday, 9-5.  Bankers hours.

Many a desk jockey are very familiar with these hours and log them eternally. 

Today’s blog has nothing to do with them.  Or those hours.

The word sacrifice has many different interpretations; sometimes we sacrifice a little of ourselves to let someone know we care.  Sometimes, we sacrifice a few of our hard earned dollars for a nice little break from the job, or a nice night out, etc.

Then, there are the people who LIVE a different definition of sacrifice, the men and women in the armed services.  They’re out there every day, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, defending themselves and others because their lives depend on it.  Not their jobs, or their homes.  Their lives.  They sacrifice their lives so we can live free.

Take a second.   Recognize how much these people sacrifice.  Every day.




Freshness Guaranteed!

June 7, 2011

I don’t like eating stale food. 

Anything in my closet percieved as stale will inevitably end up either at the Salvation Army or just in a bag outside the 2nd hand store.

A majority of the time, fresh is what people seek.  Whether it’s food, music, clothing, information….just about anything you covet; the fresher it is, the more appealing it’s going to be.

Three County Insurance uses that motto when approaching the wide world of insurance.  Take the health insurance industry for example; it’s changing by the month, week, and even sometimes daily.  We are constantly reading up on the lastest news feeds and blogs to make sure our info is up to date.

Nobody wants a stale dinner.  Don’t settle for stale insurance.

Make it a great day!!


Understanding Growth

June 6, 2011

There is a reason we went to 15+ years of school before we were unleashed upon the world.  IKEA desks and the like come with instruction booklets and pictures with directions on them.

Multiple fortunes have been made writing books with the lead-in of “______ for dummies”, implying that we may not know all there is to know about the subject of the book.

Sometimes, we lose sight of the fact that, at one time, we too were learning.  Whether it’s surfing or sewing or cooking or keeping your garden alive, we all had to learn how to do it.  At one point, we were THAT GUY/GAL.  The one who didn’t know a thing about a particular subject and had to ask questions and learn the hard way.

Don’t forget those times.  Keeping them fresh will help you be more patient when helping others.  And helping others will help two people, you and the one you help.

Make it a great day!!



June 3, 2011

Balance in the workplace reminds me of that infamous scene in The Shining, when we witness Shelly Duvall’s character read the script her husband has been working so frantically on.

They only text it read was “All Work and No Play Make Jack a dull boy”.  Over, and over, and over.  It was probably 50 typewritten pages, which is no small feat.

The moral of my bringing it up was that Jack Nicholson’s character wrote that in the dead of winter when he had absolutely nothing else to do but write while cooped up in his hotel.  The monotony of writing had driven him mad (or at least it helped!) and he was so focused on just writing that he went literally crazy from it.

That brings me to my point; balance.

Balance is such a wonderful way to make time for yourself.  In today’s world, there’s not enough hours in the day to do all we need to do.  Many are working more than half the time they’re awake and slowly but surely they’re pushing the rest of the world further and further away from it.

Take a moment.  Go for a walk.  Get a scoop of ice-cream.  Take some of that un-used-not-going-to-roll-over vacation time that you keep putting off.

Do it.  Your body/mind/soul will benefit tremendously from it.

Go enjoy life and all it has to offer.

Make it a great weekend!


Changes on the fly

June 2, 2011

Feeling a bit 0verwhelmed? 

Fighting to make ends meet?

Look at your expenditures and then figure out what you can shave off or minimize.  Look at any unnecessary things and figure out if there is an alternative for the time being while you continue to balance your budget. 

Try eating at home more; try clipping a coupon or two or learn how to find the best deal and TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THEM.

Look at all your expenditures; even your insurance.  Do you absolutely HAVE to have full coverage on your car? 

Is there room on your homeowners insurance to maybe increase the deductible a hair or two to save a few dollars a month?

Here at Three County Insurance, we understand what you’re going through.  We’ll be more than happy to help you do whatever you need to to make ends meet.



Growth and Change

June 1, 2011

The world around us continues to grow and change despite any objections we, as humans, may raise.

We’re certainly not going to stop multiplying as a race, and we’re certainly not going to regress as far as technology goes.  Raise your hand if you are willing to turn in your cell phone, or your television.  <cricket sounds>

That’s what I thought.

Embrace the change; become willing to adapt.  There is plenty of room for a second and even third opinion on how to skin a cat.  Who knows, you may even discover a simpler process than you knew before!

Change.  It happens.  Embrace it.

Make it a great one!


The Magician

May 31, 2011

We don’t have top hats.  No bunnies, no magic wands, no pretty assistants.

However, we can work magic.  You need to figure out how to shave off a dollar here and there just to make ends meet?  Zap!

Looking to maximize how much life insurance you can get without breaking the bank?  Oui-la!

Involved in an accident on Christmas Eve and need to get your car towed and a rental car?  Poof!

We perform magic tricks all the time.  It may not be pulling a rabbit out of a hat, or sawing our assistant in half, but we know magic, and we make it happen every day.

Make it a great day!